Aims and Scope: Historical European Martial Arts studies


To foster this emerging field of research, Acta Periodica Duellatorum (APD) publishes contributions meeting the highest scientific standards from research articles, "state of research" or historiographical studies, edition of short texts, to research notes and book reviews.

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) studies encompass all forms of martial arts in European territories, or spaces of influence, of which the tradition has been broken or heavily transformed in the course of history. HEMA studies have strong interdisciplinary dimensions, with crossovers from disciplines or fields such as History, Anthropology, Historical sciences, Art History, History of Science and Technology, Archaeology, Sport Sciences, Martial Arts studies, etc.

All articles published in the Journal have undergone rigorous assessment. After initial screening by the editor, independent assessment is sought from two anonymous referees in a double-blind peer review process.

Free of charge: open-access and publication without charge


APD is an independent non-profit organisation. Publication without charge and open-access publishing are at the heart of research endeavours. All our papers are freely readable and downloadable. We do not charge authors, publishing with us is free. Support us by contributing, subscribing or donating.

Outreach: Indexed and distributed


Our two yearly issues are indexed in all relevant databases and distributed physically thanks to our partners De Gruyter (Sciendo) and BoD (Book on Demand). Each article is associated with a DoI (Digital Object Identifier) and our journal is referenced in DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal). Read more about this on Journal Information.

Scholars and martial artists: Practice as research


Although APD recognises classical research approaches defined by best practices within Academia, it also favours research initiatives stemming from the communities of practitioners, as well as the concept of "Practice as Research" (PaR). Therefore APD works towards (1) academic recognition of the field of research, and (2) bridging the gaps between experienced martial artists, independent researchers and professional scholars.