APD is "hiring" - join the team!


Our journal is driven by an independent, non-profit association. Our staff, various helpers, and committees are reaching their working capacity. Especially in the last years where we continuously improved the journal and began new projects. We reached several milestones (distribution by De Gruyter, expansion of the committees, publication of two issues per year). But we want more! We are currently working on new projects and we need help!

What are we working on?

  • A new medium for publication of scientific-level edition of fight books
  • A new publication platform geared towards sharing interpretation work on fight books, going around the limitations of written articles on the matter.
  • Improving the processes of publication and promotion of the journal

For this we need

click on the links to find the job description

A project manager, for the new platform of publication

A pool of readers, able to review and edit content for us

A community manager (we already found someone!, he begins in January)

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