Five star article! APD is launching a new award for its contributors.

5 Star.png

Acta Periodica Duellatorum was established to support the research-related aspect of HEMA by providing a high quality platform for publications. Since then, we continuously improve our processes and organisation to ensure this for the community of HEMA researchers. Publication quality is not only relevant in the academic world, but we believe that articles with a practical focus also need to reach the same level of quality. In line with this idea, we have established a double blind peer review process with two different experts per article. This helps our editorial board to meet the highest publication standard in accordance with our line of work and our publishing partner (De Gruyter) delivering DoI (indexing for open-access publication).

To acknowledge the effort of authors who provide the highest level of quality, our editorial board has decided to award those peer-reviewed articles that score at least 90% of the possible points given by peer reviewers. These contributions are called Five Star Articles.

For the first time since the beginning of the journal (2013), an article has reached the score of average 28/30. We have decided to award its author with a voucher to the value of 100.- Eur, hopefully to be spent at the book fair when our editor will meet him at the 2018 International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds starting tomorrow.

The prize goes to Jürg Gassmann for his article in our current issue, entitled “Combat Training for Horse and Rider in the Early Middle Ages”. Jürg Gassmann has published in almost every issue of the Journal. His work is consistent, inspiring and detailed. We are particularly pleased that the award goes to an unaffiliated HEMA researcher, underlining the value of the work being done outside of standard university circles.

The issue 6.1 due last month is going to be out any day now, stay tuned for the announcement.