New issue of APD (6/1)!

The latest issue of APD is finally out, two months behind schedule. Heavy workload aside, this year, we faced a new challenge. The platform of our publishing partner (De Gruyter Open) changed in March. The new platform (Sciendo) is up and running, but the changes cost us time! And the new webpage of the journal is not fully updated, this will change in the coming weeks.

Have a look on the table of content of the current issue. Great pieces in the scholarly section including an article of Jürg Gassmann awarded with our new "five star award". Two very nice articles in the Hands On section, looking into contemporary HEMA practices. And two book reviews on must-have books for HEMA researchers. Actually no more than five other books are currently reviewed, stay tuned for our next issue!


As usual, you can read our open-access articles online, on the Sciendo page or on our website. If you are a book worm, and you prefer to own it on paper, you can order it through our publishing partner BoD (Book on Demand), or find it distributed on usual book distribution platforms such as