Matyas Miskolczi

Technical elements in Hungarian sabre fencing manuals - Matyas Miskolczi (APD6/2)

pp. 207-211

Abstract – This research aims to collect technical elements identified in Hungarian sabre manuals. At the current stage of research they were assembled in a table, creating a map of elements. The research itself is in an initial phase, this research note is here to share first results.

Keywords – sabre, Hungarian, map of technical elements, research note

Supplementary material online

HEMA in the map of science (Mátyás Miskolczi) - APD1(2013)

Citation Information: Acta Periodica Duellatorum. Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 80–91, ISSN (Online) 2064-0404, DOI: 10.1515/apd-2015-0011, December 2015


This article aims to place HEMA on the map of science. To be able to start this work I have to find an appropriate definition on science and on discipline (field of science). After describing main characters of a discipline I investigate HEMA if it shows this characteristic or can be recognised as an interdisciplinary field. The second question I focus on is the place of this field between disciplines and interdisciplinary topics. For this investigation I review methods of bibliometrics and scientometrics and choose a fitting method to be able to get an answer. I also choose a relevant sample of publications the chosen method can be performed on. After mapping HEMA and having result of the chosen method I try to give a picture on the development of in-field usage of HEMA-related works (how often relevant articles are cited by other HEMA-related articles).