Pierre-Henry Bas

A new historical combat school ? the Convention of the Sword Players, by Pierre-Henry Bas - APD6/1(2018)

pp. 183-199


For many years, various associations in France have been working on a new way to practice their historical martial hobbies with swords. Free sparring and competition have been and always will be good tools, but from a technical and tactical standpoint they are maybe quite distant from the original sources and historical documents. Some techniques and other material from martial arts manuals and treatises are often neglected or considered to be too academic. In fact, if the idea of martial opposition is present, we cannot say that today’s practices are a rebuilding of any historical practices, whether playful or serious. Based on this observation, my doctoral work, in collaboration with the REGHT association1, has led us to propose a new school of practices based on a new reading of martial arts manuals. The project is aimed at anybody who uses a bladed weapon as part of their studies of historical fencing, principally in the form of sparring and friendly competitions. Its name: the Convention of the Sword Players.
Keywords – fencing, rules, convention

The true edge: a comparison between self-defense fighting from German “fight-books” (Fechtbücher) and the reality of judicial sources (1400-1550) (Pierre-Henry Bas) - APD1(2013)

Citation Information: Acta Periodica Duellatorum. Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 179-195, ISSN (Online) 2064-0404


The article discusses the “self-defense” techniques presented in fightbooks
and treaties. The objective is to determine if these techniques take the
reality of fight in account, to evaluate the difference between theory and practice
in remaining safe during an aggression. In order to do so, this work uses crossed
analysis, with remission letters (judicial sources) studied in the light of the
knowledge contained in the fight-books. This study is based on the sorting out
of weapons, wounds, and times of death found in remission letters (the data of
real fight). In parallel, the theorization of fight in treaties will be taken in